Troubleshooting: Cannot find Sonos speaker


Your Sonos network is not visible as Output Device in Atmosphere, but you are able to play music through the Sonos app.

Solution: Reboot Sonos

1. Open Sonos app on your playback device. Go to Rooms to see the name of the first configured speaker. (Lobby in example)

2. Go to More > Settings > About My Sonos System.

3. Copy the IP Address of the first configured speaker. ( in example)

4. Open the Internet Browser on your playback device.

Paste the IP Address + :1400/reboot to the url.

( in example)

5. Click Submit. Wait 60 seconds for Sonos to reboot.

6. Open Atmosphere. Go to Settings (⚙) > Select Output Device > Connect with your Sonos network.

Sounds good?

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