Curation by experts

Our curator roster consists of carefully selected, artists, DJs, producers, record label owners and tastemakers with a passion for collecting great music.

Brands are connected to a personal curator who handpicks new music every month.

Baris Akardere

Producer and DJ in various genres with a background in composition for film and commercials.

For The Student Hotel, Baris curates a diverse selection of soulful, upbeat and energetic music to accompany each part of the day.

Kelly Marcus

Marketing and Branding professional with a lifelong passion for finding great records.

For Domino’s, Kelly curates a selection of warm and vocal-rich music that conveys what the brand stands for.

Thijs van Scharen

Musicologist and drummer with a deep scientific understanding of music.

For BAUT, Thijs combines jazzy and soulful sounds with modern and old-school hip-hop.

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