Curation by experts

Our curator roster consists of carefully selected, artists, DJs, producers, record label owners and tastemakers with a passion for collecting great music.

Brands are connected to a personal curator who handpicks new music every month.

Guido van Dieren

Creative Director and Booker who has been on the forefront of Rotterdam’s music scene for years.

For SLA, Guido van Dieren handpicks funky and soulful records with a fresh and organic character.

Thijs van Scharen

Musicologist and drummer with a deep scientific understanding of music.

For BAUT, Thijs combines jazzy and soulful sounds with modern and old-school hip-hop.

Baris Akardere

Producer and DJ in various genres with a background in composition for film and commercials.

For The Student Hotel, Baris curates a diverse selection of soulful, upbeat and energetic music to accompany each part of the day.

Local experts, Global reach.

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